Welcome to the Pear Genome Project  


Led by the pear engineering technology research center of Nanjing Agricultural University, the international pear genome organization recently completed the first comprehensive fine pear genome after two years of sequencing, assembly and annotation. This project started in April 2010, and it is a joint effort of 7 national and international institutes. Overall, there are 60 experts and researchers participated in this project.

Herein, we report on a high quality draft genome sequence of the diploid P. bretschneideri Rehd. cv. Dangshansuli (also known as Suli), the most important commercial Asiatic pear cultivar grown in the world (4 million ton per year), using BAC-by-BAC strategy. A total of 97.1% of the estimated whole genome size has been assembled. These assembled scaffolds have been aligned and oriented to their corresponding 17 chromosomes using a high-density genetic map.


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